CTHIPro is flexible and works closely with you to complete your project. Whether you already have your tile boxes purchases or need assistance in selecting the right products, we can get the job done right.

We can help you with the following services:

  • Kitchen Tiling
  • Bathroom Tiling
  • Backsplash Tiling
  • Family Room Tiling
  • Garage Tiling
  • Basement Tiling
  • Sun Room Tiling
  • Much More

Tiling FAQs

Cracked or loose grout is often a sign of of adhesive failure and re-grouting will not solve the problem. We recommend and can firmly tile with bonded substrate to solve the problem.

We use different substrates for various functionalities. Often times contractors use OBS plywood which also used for outdoors, but this causes bonding issues for tiles. We make sure that we use the right adhesive substrate so your tile stays strong.

Tiles have different ratings to help consumers pick the right tile for various rooms in the house. PEI 0 is for no foot traffic and often used on walls, PEI 1 is for low traffic and often used in bathrooms, PEI 2 is for light traffic and is for bathrooms and bedrooms, PEI 3 is for light to moderate for entries and kitchen, PEI 4 is for heavy traffic for entries and kitchens and PEI 5 is for heavy traffic and used for industrial and commercial settings.

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